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    Some basic questions:

  1. Can I rent on International drivers license?

Ans) Yes ,you can rent on International license.

  1. Can you help me with Insurance?

Ans ) Yes we can help you with insurance.

  1. What happens if the car gets a mechanical problem?

Ans) Once you give us a call ,we will come to the location to fix the problem or we will give you a loaner car till problem gets fixed.

  1. Do you take deposits ?

Ans ) We do not take any deposits.

  1. Do you do any credit checks?

Ans) we do not do credit checks. But we do require you to have a credit or debit card.

  1. If I have my own insurance what coverage’s do I need?

Ans) If you have your own insurance that covers rental car , we need you to have atleast

Body Injury -                $100K

Comprehensive -          $300K

Property Damage -       $50K

  1. Could you drop the car to my work or home?

Ans) We can drop car only if scheduled.

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